Your Coach

Kela Davis, MA

Christian Life Coach

Receiving her Master of Arts degree in Life Coaching from Liberty University, Kela Davis has dedicated her time and energy in helping adults and youth reach their God-given potential. She has extensive years of experience working with women in need of divorce care, individuals/couples seeking shared parenting, mentoring men in the justice system, and mentoring adolescence in need of encouragement and guidance. Kela’s recent coaching experience includes working as a volunteer Life Coach at Columbus Works – coaching impoverished adults, being a mentor/coach at Alvis, Inc. for men transitioning back to society after being incarcerated, as well as a mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio.

Her passion derives from her own life experience as an impoverished youth struggling to make it through school and later in her adult years – a victim of divorce. As a divorce mother of two, she has fought to create a healthy shared parenting plan that is best fitting for both her children and their father. Having mentors and coaches growing up has inspired Kela to assist adults and youth in similar circumstances. Kela’s goal is to help her clients to overcome life challenges through a healthy relationship with Christ and discover their God-given purpose.

Kela Davis has 5+ years working as a coach and mentor. She has spent 10 years volunteering at juvenile detention centers, county jails, reentry facilities, churches, and rebuilding impoverished communities. When she is not in the field, she enjoys spending time with her daughters, meeting new people, and spending time with family and friends.

I was very pleased when Kela came on board to work with our clients. Her optimism, professionalism, and passion for coaching are truly remarkable. She quickly gained our clients’ trust and respect, and guided them through their difficult times. She displayed an immense interest and knowledge in her work and demonstrated a strong commitment in carrying out her duties. I can’t thank her enough for the help and excellent support that she provided to our clients.

Jacek Starownik, Mentoring Coordinator at Alvis Community Reentry Center